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5 Simple Rules for Guest Posting on Our Blog

We welcome guest posts from other writers and marketers who want to submit voluntarily. Guests will just send their piece of writings to, and after a review by our team, it will be published, of course in the name of that guest.

  1. The piece of Writing must be Qualitative. All the guest-posts need to be well written, attracting readers interest, fully complying with grammatical rules and rhythm. So the article must look like a wonderful piece of writing that either educates, entertains, provides peace of mind, informs or meets any other productive purpose.
  2. Sorry for link building posts. If your blog posts are submitted in order to generate backlinks to your website, we’re sorry this is not our business. Google seriously looks into such practices and takes severe actions against such websites; and, we don’t want to be caught up in that mess.
  3. No Plagiarism. Most blogs have ruined because their guests post the same articles to multiple websites or submit someone else’ article with minor changes. Therefore, before submitting make sure the piece of writing is originally written and plagiarism-tested.
  4. If this is your business, don’t submit.  If it is your job to place guest posts on different websites for SEO purposes, we’re sorry again with respect to acceptance. Our objective here is to encourage genuine writers and increase readers’ interest.
  5. Some topics won’t be accepted. Despite having fulfilled the above points if your post is about Poker, Porn, Gambling, Child abuse, Viagra or any other topic which is against the public interest, it’ll be rejected straight-away.

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