Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a big step. If you are one hundred pounds overweight and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of about forty, then you are a healthy person. Weight loss surgery involves interfering in the body’s digestive processes through the restriction of food amounts and in some cases, even nutrient absorption and calories.

Losing weight via surgical procedures are also known as bariatric weight loss surgery. You may have come to this weight loss surgery option after years of dieting and exercise that went nowhere. Because your health is endangered when you are obese, losing weight is the only option to increase your lifespan. When it comes to weight loss surgeries, you have two main choices. Here are those choices:

1. Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery – Also known as the lap-band weight loss surgery or even the adjustable gastric band, this procedure is not as invasive as the gastric bypass option below. Basically, an adjustable band is positioned around the upper part of your stomach to create a pouch. Now when you eat, you will feel fuller faster because this little pouch fills up and cannot digest and get processed as fast by the intestines. This means smaller portion controls which mean eating smaller meals after weight loss surgery. This procedure is reversible.

2. Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery – This irreversible surgical procedure creates a small pouch using staples in your stomach. Then your small intestine is repositioned and attached directly to the small pouch. The stapling may be the reason why this surgery is called “stomach stapling.”

Some people say that gallbladder surgery leads to weight loss too. However, this claim is not fully substantiated. Therefore, do not even consider the gallbladder option. Everyone has an impetus for coming to a weight loss surgery decision. For some people, it was viewing the results of the Carnie Wilson weight loss surgery. She was the heavy girl from the Wilson Philips music group and lost a ton of weight successful thanks to weight loss surgery. She even went on to give birth and lose her baby weight too.

Because weight loss surgery is not always covered by insurance, you will want to find a weight loss surgery center that offers weight loss surgery financing or even weight loss surgery loans. Your health is important and if weight loss surgery is what will help you, then you should look into it. Check out weight loss surgery message boards on the internet and read about life after weight loss surgery. You can even find weight loss surgery recipes as well.

Once you have had the surgery and are enjoying life quite a few pounds lighter, you might want to also ponder how you would go about toning and sculpting your new found body. Plastic surgery after weight loss surgery is common. Most doctors will want to wait a while after the surgery once your weight stabilizes.

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