History of Medicine

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Medicine history is the history of the development of traditional medicine uses drugs made from plants and treatment system that can cure the disease.

Along with the changing times and technology, more and make it easy for everyone to get information or various other needs. Technological development is also getting easier for each person who experienced a variety of diseases to get the care and treatment properly and correctly so that the healing process can quickly occur. Treatment at first everyone has done since time immemorial, where each country has its different treatment. Based on the medical history, that medical history through the third period, namely the introduction of treatment through therapeutic massage and breathing, the second is where people begin to recognize the treatment through the use of natural ingredients is either vegetable or animal origin, the third is a treatment technique called poison. Medicine history began 5,000 years ago who then recorded 2500 years ago, known as the Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine. Medicine history initially preferred for the treatment of the emperor, which the doctors perform a variety of experiments conducted on the common people with the same symptoms, then be given to the emperor after the successful cure of the population, and then written to perform the treatment in the future.

The most important thing in China medicine history is to balance the human body is viewed as a system of interacting between the organs of the body, the environment, and the universe. Chinese medicine history says that human will have a healthy body if there is harmony in the interaction between the organs of the body, the environment, and the universe, whereas when the harmony does not happen then becomes a sickness. Modern medicine story and Chinese medicine treatment of the modern history of each disease given therapeutic drugs to fight germs or peyakit cause, while Chinese medicine prefers to build the balance of the body by normalizing related organs so that the body can fight disease or germs. Unlike the medical history in America that many use the scientific system, so it can be said that America is superior in scientific medicine, but despite treatment, the western countries have been included in traditional Chinese medicine but did not make Chinese medicine became extinct. Medicine history states that influx of western medicine with the discovery of a variety of medications but are unable to replace Chinese medicine, which until this said traditional Chinese medicine taught at a most medical university in China, parts of Asia and North America

Medicine history says that the herbal medicine derived from the Indian story described in the book Rigvedha, written in India since 3000 BC. Other books that also contain treatment in India is Ayurveda, which contains not less than 1500 kinds of medicinal plants equipped with processing and use of these herbal products. The later books Ayurvedha repaired by various experts that contain 2,000 types of medicines, traditional herbal medicine and how to planting, the part used for medicinal herbs, usefulness and how to make herbal potions that can cure the disease.

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