Motorcycle Air Filters

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Motorcycle air filter is important than any other part of a motor-bike. Even if an engine is working perfectly there is still a great risk that vehicle might malfunction later on if a filter is not changed on a continuous basis. Motorcycle air filters are becoming popular and are being used with the aim to lessen the polluted air.

Motorcycle air filters remove lots of particles that settle on the engine can cause unnecessary wear to the engine. They are removed with the help of air intake filters, which also ensure a longer life for the engine. Motorcycle air filters remove large particles of dust and solid particles whereas the silt and fine dust make its way into the filter and into the engine.

Motorcycle air filters are installed to improve airflow and protect the engine from dirt. These are present on almost all bikes, no matter what the make or model is. These are also designed to increase the acceleration and horsepower of a motorcycle. The basic features of motorcycle air filters include the creation of high airflow with excellent filtration. The reusable motorcycle air filters are eco-friendly that reduces the volume of disposable air filters.

Motorcycle air filters are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted airflows while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life. Layered between two sheets of wire mesh of aluminum, cotton gauzes are spread, which is then lubricated to enhance filtering capabilities and overall performance. The results are achieved when an air filter allows more air into an engine that is not only washable but also reusable — ultimately protecting the life of the engine of a motorcycle. Motorcycle air filters are useful in dirty and dusty off-road riding and provide clean carburetion even at high altitude. Spark plugs should be checked for proper mixture after few miles of riding.

Advantages of using motorcycle air filters include improvement in the airflow, enhancement in engine’s lifespan and last but not the least prevention from pollution. Basic air filters include paper air filters, cleanable filters, oil bath filter.

There are several air filter manufacturers in the market, which offer various types of air filters one should be aware of the type of vehicle. All these filters have advanced technology and meet standard guidelines.

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